About Me

I recently completed my PhD Thesis through the School of Philosophy at the Australian National University, and am now dividing my time between tutoring, working on a range of policy issues within the Australian Public Service and turning my research into publications. As those take up a significant amount of time, this website may not be updated as often as I would like.

My PhD Thesis introduced an innovative new formal approach to the solution of the Liar Paradox. It allows Formal Truth Definitions for any formal language that  consistent and semantically closed in an intuitive sense. A short summary of my approach is available on my Research Page.

I am also interested in a range of other topics in Logic and Philosophy including Logical Consequence; the concept of a Truth Value; the role of logical and semantic ideas within modern Analytic Philosophy; and the formal application of my Truth Definition to other formal concepts which depend on truth, such as Knowledge and various Modalities.

I am increasingly focused on the role that Philosophy and Conceptual Analysis can and potentially should play in broader public debate and policy development. In a world where people are drowning in information, philosophical skills can be vital in sorting what is, what might be and what is not.


concept of truth connectives consistency formal languages formal semantics logic meaning natural languages reasoning Tarski truth